Technology And Technology : Radio Frequency Identification

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology which makes use of radio waves to recognize devices or persons. In RFID machine is used that look through data carried in a wireless object or tag from an interspace without creating any physical interaction or demanding a line of sight. RFID is working by means of a microchip and an antenna. RFID technic is originated in the 1970s. RFID systems have a variation of applications, containing planning and observing the spot of persons and goods. Customers are probable to interrelate thru RFID network in stores that affix a tiny RFID transponder to manufactured goods, just as a laptop or other gadgets. The RFID transponder contains a chip that has data about the goods, and an antenna…show more content…
• Privacy issue: the key privacy issue involve with RFID are the chasing of persons and their place, and chasing of consumers and their lifestyles by trade persons. To overcome this issue several methods have been adopted like encrypting, hiding labels and killing or sleeping the labels

Darcy, Peter, Pupunwiwat, Prapassara, Stantic, Bela 2011/ The Challenges and Issues Facing the Deployment of RFID Technology/ Book Title Deploying RFID - Challenges, Solutions, and Open Issues Analyze the security issues and wireless network design
RFID devices are not perfect like other security appliances. Even though it is used worldwide, there is still a high security risk. Security risk occurs when unauthorized person recite the information between reader and the tag. Rely on the processing ability Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) categorized into basics tags, tags with symmetric keys and tags with public key. There is no encryption in basic or simple tags. Attackers can simply change the current data and can create illegal tags to legal tags. Attackers can generate their personal tag by individual information involved to other tag. For security it is important that all the personal documents like passport must have certain type of
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