Technology And Technology : The Impact Of Technology In The Police Department

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Technology helps police officers and police departments transmit information more easily and efficiently. In the United States a majority of police departments now rely on computer access to submit and receive information. When my parents worked in law enforcement they relied on using their hand help radios to communicate with dispatch and other officers. It wasn't until recently that the departments realized technology created less of a workload for their officers. When police departments streamline their officers' jobs by incorporating technology it helps officers respond instantly, keeps the public safer, and makes their jobs easier and more efficient.
When officers have access to technology in their patrol cars or their station they will have better response time to calls from the public when they need help. One of the biggest reasons response time declines is, because once a person calls 911 the call gets forwarded to the dispatch center. Once the call is received by a dispatcher, the dispatcher then sends out a signal through the computer system equipped in the officer's patrol car. Then immediately officers have access to the service call and the officer can get all the information and let dispatch know the officer is responding without having to verbally talk to dispatchers. This whole process from the time the call comes in to the officer responding it will only take about a minute. If officers still had to get all the information through the radio system it would
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