Technology And Technology : The Negative Effects Of Technology

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If the world went without technology for at least a day, how would we react? would people go crazy and wonder around like it’s the end of the world? I believe that technology is affecting us negatively and harming us because we are treating it as our number one source in our lives.
We are relaying too much of our time with technology making us lose track of time leading us to multitask more than ever. Multitasking is one of our most common things we do in our daily basis, since a lot of us have busy lives. Due to multitasking, it causes your brain to make bad habits which can lead to stress and not accomplish well enough. This is a very negative habit to your brain because It is using different parts of your brain all at once. Adding on to this, a quote that really stand out for me when I was reading an essay written by Richard Restak called Attention Deficient: The Brain. “We have became more frantic, more distracted, more fragmented - in a word, more hyperactive.” The quote explains how most people today multitask in the daily by using technology such as social media, games, or even checking updates. We are creating this habit that we want to do almost everything at once and at the same time, making us very frantic and hyperactive. Relaying on too much technology is causing us to lose track of time because you are not dedicating your full time to one task. Instead you are on your phone, watching television, playing a movie while doing other things. This will cause you to
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