Technology And Teen Communication : Teens

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Dylan Fatzynytz Mrs. Thayer Writing Skills 8-06 April 16, 2016 Technology and Teen Communication When teens were introduced to technology every thing in social aspects was downsized dramatically. Teens unproductive and addictive technology use has, and will continue to impact their verbal, and other communication skills. Teenagers rely to much on technology for everything. The teenagers are overusing technology to an extreme. Technology use even a little usage affects communication skills. Their is very little positive things that come out of teen technology use. Teenagers rely heavily on technology for school, connecting with people, and for their jobs. If technology gets taking away from them, they will not be as productive as they can be without long term use of technology. For example it will take a while for them to catch on to the process of whatever it is that they are trying to do and accomplish with no electronics. Most of teens are forgetting how to use key things to the learning process Which is going threw all k-12th grades with a good education and going into collage. The 21st generation of teenagers are growing up to know less and less about the true learning of schools. It is going to get worse and worse as they grow up and have kids and grandkids. The use of technology is to abundant with growing teens. They mostly get side tracked when, "when the kids have the devices at there house it interferes with the kid and teens relationship with their
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