Technology And The Cell Phone

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Wearing your computer may not be a future fashion statement so much as a way to carry the most ubiquitous personal electronic device with us wherever we may roam. Gear lust of the wearable sort stretches back to Bat Man 's utility belt: technology you could take with you on the go. Today, we carry the modern version of a Star Trek communicator (the cell phone)-a device that is increasingly indispensable. Alongside the cell phone are a host of other handheld gadgets that would have been science fiction a few short years ago: child locators, universal remote controls (now capable of turning the AC down on hot summer days, opening the miniblinds, and controlling our increasingly-complex home entertainment systems, just to name a few standard jobs), portable CD and DVD players, and personal organizers. But where does our infatuation with portable technology come from? In the 1980 's, during the era of Reaganomics, computers became personal-and profitable. Until the first generation of the so-called 'home computers ', computers had been anything but personal. Most of them were million-dollar mammoths that took up whole floors of buildings and took an engineering degree just to find the power button. Large corporations like IBM and Xerox were the only entities outside government agencies and research facilities that could afford computers-ironic, since many of the same corporations would miss the boat when it came to initial investments in the PC market. The Internet-destined…
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