Technology And The Classroom Is Extremely Beneficial For Students For A Vast Number Of Reasons

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Technology use in the classroom is extremely beneficial for students for a vast number of reasons. Although schools are currently utilizing various forms of technology in education, these technologies are not necessarily supported by the community due to insufficient information detailing the benefits they provide in a child’s development. However, by embracing the digital world and ensuring that the technologies being implemented are engaging and fulfil individual educational requirements, students become more efficient learners and are empowered to develop positive and meaningful interpretations of the world. It is essential for educators to provide digital technologies in the classroom as it can greatly assist students with special needs, equips students to become lifelong learners and provides students with the necessary skills in order to be adequately prepared for the workforce, becoming confident and productive contributors to society. Technology can offer educational equality in a classroom of diverse learners, and students who possess a variety of learning styles. According to Zorigian and Job (n.d), there are digital devices and software available that support students with disabilities or special needs known as “assistive technology”. This technology enables educators to personalise class lesson plans in order to benefit individuals. Students with physical disabilities are able to reach their fullest potential within a class of typical students by utilizing
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