Technology And The Criminal Justice System

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Technology in the criminal justice system has come a long way in the history of criminal justice. Technology has helped with communication within the criminal justice system and has helped in criminal databases. In the criminal justice system there are many forms of new technology that continues to arise each year in order help law enforcement agencies create a faster way in receiving critical information needed to do their job.
StarChase Pursuit Management System, is one of today’s new technologies being brought to law enforcement agencies. This device is a compressed-air launcher, mounted in the grille of the police cruiser, which uses a laser to target the fleeing vehicle, once the laser in locked on the fleeing vehicle it shoots a sticky tag that enables a GPS on to the suspect’s vehicle allowing police to monitor the location from a safe distance and still being able to remain unnoticed. This will allow the police to apprehend the suspect in a less lethal environment by not putting danger on the road. However the use of GPS devices without a warrant is currently under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. (Rivera, 2011).
Another great new technology being used in law enforcement is the Project54 Voice Command System. This system allows officers to receive vehicle registration by verbal commands. (Rivera, 2011). Not only does the software allow registration information to be pulled up but can also be used to operate functions inside the squad car such as turning on sirens
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