Technology And The Education System Interaction

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Technology and the Education System Interaction Technology has been part of our lives in every different aspect ever since it was created and now we use it in our education system to boost up our knowledge rapidly. The usage of technology can be seen from the increased amount that numerous of each students posses, from smart phones to Ipads. Also in classrooms there are a significant increased amount of technology being used today from computer labs to online classes. Yet, many of these technologies can have disadvantages such as cyber bullying, sexting, and plagiarism, but many great positive advantages in the educational system can out maneuver these bad disadvantages. While many technologies are evolving from all over the schools from k-12, it helps disable students to continue their education with minimal assist, it prepares each students to use any technology out in the real world, and it also helps students to expand their knowledge about the world that they have obtain from the usage of technology. Technology and education is promoting new individual ways of learning and mobile learning. Both students and teacher are benefiting from this new promotion of new technology for education because these new educational technologies are emerging to switch up the ways of learning. According to the U.S. Department of Education website states, “48 states and the District of Columbia currently support online learning opportunities that range from supplementing classroom
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