Technology And The Future For The World Of Business Becoming More Integrated And Moving Toward The Cloud

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With the world of business becoming more integrated and moving toward the cloud and web applications, the applications world is going through eminence changes. The old client installed application and server model are becoming obsolete. The modern business wants a lean, easy to use application that the back end data can be accessed from anywhere. This is becoming possible from things like SaaS, PaaS, and cloud storage. Everything from Databases using front end technologies like .Net and ASP.Net, to ERP and CRM are starting to change their philosophies to using web based models and cloud storage. Companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft are creating platforms for developers to use to create these applications and in return, has created an entirely new market. With new technologies and methods also comes the need to better security and policies. As systems that involve Human Resources, Finance and personal data change, so do the security policies and protocols
The largest Buzzword in emerging trends for the computer world is “Cloud”. Cloud computing in the future for data, services and platform. The concept of cloud computing is to make whatever aspect it is being used in available at all times and to act as a resource. Turning computing into a utility will transform how the IT industry uses services, designs hardware and uses network infrastructures. The term “Cloud” however has many meanings, but understanding what exactly is meant by cloud computing is the first step to…
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