Technology And The Growth Of The Cognitive Abilities Of Children

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Title: Yes, there are serious ethical issues associated with the use of technology among children. The topic is derived from the questions posed in part A of the assignment. Part A looked at the pros and cons of allowing children to use technology.
General statement: The use of technology has triggered innovations and enhanced the skills of both children and adults.
Background points
 Defining technology (Manches, Duncan Plowman & Sabeti, 2015).
 Providing literature on the relationship between ethics and technology (Hieder & Jalongo, 2014; Johnson, 2007; Federal Communications Commission, 2014).
 Discussing the ethical issues that arise from introducing children to technology at an early stage (Australian Curriculum, 2015; Scherer, 2014; Goldfarb, 2002).
 Highlighting the relationship between technology and the growth of the cognitive abilities of children (Manches et al., 2015).
Thesis statement:
This essay analyses the ethical issues that arise from the introduction of technology to children at an early stage in life. It examines the literature that has been cited through the years. The paper concludes by affirming that serious ethical issues associated with the use of technology among children are more common today than ever before.
Paragraph One
Topic sentence: Technology shapes the behavioural attitudes of children. These attitudes show in early adulthood.
Point: Children imitate the things they see. Technology allows access to both positive and…
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