Technology And The Health Care Industry With Robots

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Robots have been rapidly introduced into our society over the past few decades and shows no sign of slowing down, rather the production of new technology is rapidly increasing at rates never seen before. With the recent strides in automated robots and artificial intelligence, we should expect to see more and more new ideas as time passes and technology is produced. Many technology companies have started creating and testing driverless cars that are safer than human drivers (Henig 2015). Another technological advance is in the health care industry with robots being used to perform surgeries and other assist in rehabilitation (Henig 2015). Lastly one of the most important advances is in warfare, where robots are being created to not just shoot blindly at whatever moves (Henig 2015). They are being integrated with artificial intelligence that allows them to identify and shoot enemies while located its’ current position and identify surrounding buildings. With the recent surge of new technology many people are skeptical if these robots and automated systems can actually make correct decisions and not just logical ones. In a New York
Times Magazine article written by Robin Henig, she discusses the possible ethical decision making that people fear automated robots cannot make consistently, which can result in death for those around the robot (2015). However, these claims are short sited and mostly concern around outside factors rather than the robots themselves. With the current…
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