Technology And The Intellectual Evolution Essay

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Far more than any terrorist group in history ISIS become a cancerous growth on the region, threating the foundations of civilization and the intellectual evolution that was established some three thousand years ago. This cancerous growth has been fueled by the bastardisation of an ancient religion and philosophy as a justification for its acts. As this cancer has metalized thru the Middle East, it has resulted in the death of thousands and the destruction of hundreds of ancient cultural and archeological artifacts, all in the name of Islam. As this death and destruction spreads thru the region and around the global, we have seen the group use a wide spectrum of technique and technology in its tradecraft. This spectrum has included the ancient practice of beheadings to the use of drones and VBIED’s to control, manage a population and its resources in its growing AOR. There is one piece of technology, ISIS would love to access and control, a nuclear device. Use of a nuclear device by a terrorist group, whether it 's a state or non-state actor is the capstone of the escalation pyramid, and it becomes the final point of no return for these players. For a nuclear attack to be successfully carried out, the groups must possess two essential components. The first is the ability to do harm and the second is the intent that will influence them to kill many innocent people. Well, many terrorist groups possess the essentials of capability and intent, the possibility of a

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