Technology And The Internet Has Changed The Method Of Communication

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This essay will explore a teenager’s practice of a mobile device in their daily life and comparing their practices to the findings of teenagers’ engagement in mobile culture. The interviewee is a female named Angela Dao who is nineteen years old studying her second year of Bachelor of Applied Science (MRS) Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Sydney. This essay will cover Angela’s use of a mobile phone and explore how technology and the Internet has changed the method of communication, how teenagers are becoming more networked individuals, how has the language of textspeak created barriers for communication, how has the mobile devices transcended place, how has multifunctional mobile devices instigated multitasking and the perspectives of teenagers toward mobile devices. Throughout the essay it will demonstrate how Angela’s mobile practice has similar or contrasting ideas with those of academics.

Technology and the Internet have changed the method of communication. Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone in mid-2007 (Goggin, 2009, p.g231), Angela has been using the iPhone 3GS since its inception up until present. Prior to owning the iPhone, Angela would use the traditional methods of communication such as the use of the home phone, computer and face-to-face interactions to communicate with others. The launch of the Internet Revolution has garnered communications power and information-gathering capacities for people to further their communication methods, which was…
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