Technology And The Interrupted Brain Seeks Out A Professional

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Pat Galagan, author of Technology and The Interrupted Brain seeks out a professional to explain this. Dan Willingham, professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia states, “Data from the last thirty years leads to a conclusion that is not scientifically challengeable: thinking well requires knowing facts, and that 's true not only because you need something to think about. The very processes that teachers care about most—critical thinking processes such as reasoning and problem solving—are intimately intertwined with factual knowledge that is stored in long-term memory (not just found in the environment)” (Galagan). This generation of adolescents is so used to looking up everything in the internet that their brains don’t go the extra mile to think and develop. Therefore, they don’t possess the amount of factual knowledge needed to mold higher level thinking and analysis. Take a look at this study done by researchers at the University of Connecticut in 2005. A group of seventh graders were asked to read information on a website on the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and evaluate the site’s credibility and trustworthiness. All but one student deemed the site to be credible due to extensive cited sources, pictures, and a wide array of scientific words. The truth? The site was a hoax designed just for this experiment (Galagan). One might ask, why weren’t most of the students able to recognize this? That’s because these students didn’t have a basic knowledge and

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