Technology And The Medical Field Advances

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Technology has been advancing throughout history. People life has changed. Most of the people now have longer lifespan than before. As technology advances, the medical field advances accordingly. With these advances, people can survive from deadly disease. For example, chickenpox was deadly before a vaccine was found. With modern medicine, many diseases became curable. However, DNA mutations diseases where it survive and passed through our DNA to many generation can be difficult to cure and tracked. For instance, type two diabetes could be inherited from the family. According to Joslin Diabetes center (2016), if a person has parents with diabetes, it is more likely to develop a type two diabetes than other people. In addition, DNA mutations could develop a cancer. As National Cancer Institute (March 14th, 2016) reported that in 2016 there are 1,685,210 people diagnosed with cancer. With the advances in modern medicine, researchers are trying combat these diseases from DNA mutations, and other factors. One way is using this biotechnology CRISPR / CAS9 to edit genes. Cas9 is a part of the immune system for a bacteria to keep virus away from altering the bacteria’s DNA (Wyss Institute, 2016). Using this natural system and use it in our favor to remove and edit a CRISPR regions - Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (Ma, Zhang, & Huang, 2014). According Wyss Institute (2016), Cas9 can be programmed to activate and deactivate certain part of the DNA. In
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