Technology And The Medical Field Essay

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We are currently living in the age of science and technology where the products of technology have revolutionized our lives becoming essential elements in numerous areas of life. Nothing has impacted on the lives of human beings more than the computer. There cannot be any field devoid of the effect of computer applications ranging from education, agriculture, and security; computers play crucial roles in all sectors. According to Silva (1), the introduction of computers in the medical arena has brought about transformative effects on how medical practices are being conducted and method of provision of health care. From medical procedures, patient diagnosis and administrative tasks, computers have simplified services in the medical field in addition to streamlining record keeping thus enhancing patient and health care staff relationships. Computers have simplified tasks and accorded health care professionals ample time to take care of their patients. Whatever service in the medical field we enjoy today could not be achieved without the priceless contribution of computers. Thus, my endeavor is to research and discuss how computers have contributed to the medical field as well as identifying various challenges brought about by the adoption of the computers. Computers have a vital role in the medical field, and without them, productivity and proficiency would decline massively. Computers assist with patient records, administrative and organizational duties together with
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