Technology And The Military Technology

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Insurgent technology though not as advanced as the military technology was arguably more effective. The insurgent’s use of ingenious bomb technology was extremely effective against the U.S. civilians, U.S. soldiers, and the Iraqi people. It was effective against U.S. civilians because it made them want the war to stop so that the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan would leave, which is the goal of any insurgency. “A bomb’s ability to destroy a target depends on two things: its explosive power and its accuracy.” (Kaplan, 13). While the U.S. military was using satellites and lasers to accomplish this, the insurgents were using simpler means which created the same results, and since they often did not care about hurting civilian…show more content…
Using a VBIED an insurgent could ram into a checkpoint, military outpost, or civilian center killing large amounts of people, and oftentimes being nearly unstoppable unless the driver was shot. Roadside IEDs were dangerous as well, set off by pressure plates, wires, cellphones, and a seemingly endless amount of other ways men like Brian Castner had to risk their lives to dispose of these. Castner notes that, “Every other heavy foam chunk held an EFP, an explosively formed projectile—a steel and copper and explosive mix that punctures armor and splatters molten metal.” (Castner, 14). It is also important to consider the mental toll that these low tech insurgent weapons have on the minds of those affected by them. Throughout the entirety of his book Brian Castner struggles with the mental affects that the war had on him. However, neither of these touch on the effect these attacks have on the Iraqi people. Living under the threat of constant war will damage anyone, but examples of the effect that the war had on the civilians can be seen in “Restreppo” and the “Hurt Locker”. In “Restreppo”, we see the a family seemingly scarred from an airstrike, and in the “Hurt Locker” we see people panicking and running as the Iraqi police clear them out when an IED is found. Using these three and countless
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