Technology And The New Zealand Education System Essay

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Information technology was introduced into the New Zealand Education system in the early 2000’s1. However, since 19872 there has been interest from many teachers, especially science teachers, in how to use technology as a way to enhance students learning and form a connection with society. The first educational concepts around the use of technology focused on the following aims; technological knowledge, capability and understanding, as well as general awareness of the relationship between technology and society3. During the next decade the ministry granted funding to schools to help develop their technological resources as well as funding for the teacher’s professional development and implementation in schools. In the early years technology mainly focused around getting computers into schools and giving students access to the internet3. Nowadays, technology is still trying to be implemented in schools, however, now the focus is on having one devise per person, funding for teacher’s professional development and the introduction of technological resources in the school and in the school community to advance students’ learning and create an online community for the school. This research focused on the introduction of resources for teachers and students in science classrooms to aid and develop student learning and provide a variety of tools for learning. The project firstly focused on observing a decile six school in Dunedin, which has an enormous interest in introducing…
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