Technology And The Pursuit Of Invocation

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In this constantly developing world, morals and ethics are often overlooked in the pursuit of invocation. Advances in technology and genetics provide hope to many with sever medical conditions. At the same times technology and genetics capabilities put fear of a morally absent future in the hearts of countless people. Peter Singer along with Dalai Lama showcases a future that exemplifies the destiny of morals and ethics if compassion for humanity isn’t present. Using technology and genetic modification to improve the life of the physically and mentally handicap is necessary, but using such techniques to manufacture human genetics to be used for destructive purposes is unethical. Technologies when used in a moral way to aid in the greater-good of humans can have phenomenal results. Technology has the potential to significantly cure or treats an array of medical illnesses. Throughout the decade we have seen the miracles of technology in the medical field. When the Cardiac Defibrillator was invented in 1933, it helped to reduce the total annual death rate due to heart attacks from 68 percent in 1932 to 45 in 1964 percent (refence hre). To combat the issue of failing hearts the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft was invented, this technology helps doctors in multiple ways. This machine kept the patients alive long enough for the doctors to figure out how to treat them. The machine also prolongs a patient’s life long enough for family members to say good-bye to them. When
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