Technology And The Tactics Used By Law Enforcement

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Introduction and Literature Review Introduction This paper is about the technology and the tactics used by law enforcement. Specifically my research question is, “How has the equipment and the tactics in police departments changed in the last 50 years?” The equipment used by police officers has improved drastically since the 1980s, but I would like to go beyond that, how has the equipment used by todays police officers and the tactics they employ with that equipment changed since the 1960s? The three main aspects I would like to this research to focus on is Standard Patrol, K-9 Units, and SWAT Teams. For this paper the word equipment refers to anything that an officer uses on a daily basis, it can be anything from weapons, to vehicles, to even animals. Lit Review: Patrol officers have always been at the forefront of police departments in the United States and their technology is constantly being improved. The most effective type of community policing which deters crime and establishes a presence of officers in a community (Petty, 2005). In his article Petty explains the different types of patrol performed by most police officers in the United States today. The most effective tool to an officer on patrol, having the ability to provide cover in a firefight, they have in car computers that officers can use to identify people in traffic stops, the car lets an office keep up with fleeing suspects in high speed chases, and give the officer a wider range for his radio in case the
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