Technology And The World Wide Web

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During the years of the early 1990’s to the late 80’s, smart technology of today seemed like a pipe dream. People never said it would never become a thing, however it will be massive challenge to create something of high caliber. Today, those ideas that people said was going to be incredibly challenging, is now second hand work to us. It is not because the work turn out to be easy. There were massive trials and errors over the decades of developing this technology. Some people even lost everything trying to achieve it their company, money, house, even family. But it did not stop people for keep on trying until they get there. Arguably, when the World Wide Web was brought to the public where anyone have access to it on their everyday lives…show more content…
It can be said that the internet is what drove the competition to the point how today in 2017 we went as far as putting led screens and internet on our refrigerators or A.I. piloted cars. 2 THE GREAT TECH WAR OF THE 2000’S Humanity have enter in an entire new millennium a new era for mankind as we approach to new discoveries and find ways to do thing more efficiently at faster rate. For examples cell phones, in the beginning we there was only one thing that made cell phones a hit. The mere fact that people are able to communicate with someone else while not stuck to a landline. Cell phones are portable which means a person can take it anywhere they please. Over the years cells phones have evolve drastically. From a big bulky brick design to a slim as paper design today. Cell phones was a major field for the tech war. So many different companies found ways to make them better and others innovate that idea and makes it even better. Today Cell phones have replaced a lot of classic technology people do not see much of anymore. Payphones, camcorders, voice recorders, stop watches, and many other things. Yes, you still see these items around from time to time but not as frequent as one would see in the 90’s. There this logic that I called consumer greed, “ If a company creates a products that makes an impact on the public then innovates it, most likely the consumer will be expecting a better update of that product.” Most people would not
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