Technology And Weapons During The Civil War Essay

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Technology and weapons in wars since the Civil War have been progressing each and every day since then. There has been a number changes both good and not so good that has affected how our countries military forces react to the battle field. The advancements that has been made over the many years have killed millions and millions of people during time at war. Since the American Civil War there has been drastic changes to how war that have been fought. Why has technology in war been so important and helpful to us but at the same time been so devastating or us? Wars have also been started because of a new technology and using an antidote to those technologies have brought victory. During the American Civil War you had the North and the South, the Union vs the Confederate States of America. Technology used during the American Civil war included the first military submarine to sink an enemy vessel. This brought an idea of how these can be used for other wars in the future. The rifle though it had been used in previous wars I think the introduction of repeating rifles changed how war will be fought. These rifles could fire seven shots in 30 seconds, many people from the South believed these were unfair in the war. A union solider quoted “They say we are not fair, that we have guns that we load up on Sunday and shoot all the rest of the week.” The stronger weapons all puts new tactics into the minds of leaders. The railroad is a big use in Civil War as it brings huge amount of

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