Technology And Work Life Balance

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Technology and Work-Life Balance
Research Question: How does technology impact the work-life balance for employees? Null hypothesis: Technology integration helps organizations attain the objectives of employee work-life balance. My survey was concerned with how much technology has been integrated into normal work life. In addition, the survey was to study how this technology has affected the work life balance of employees. This survey seeks to evaluate the value of technology in terms of its relationship with the achievement of work-life balance. Although not all employees can use technology or possess sophisticated technological devices, it is important to pinpoint the need for integrating technology in company strategies for the purpose of achievement of work-life balance among employees. I believe my survey can prove this strong correlation between work-life balance and technology.
A diverse research based on responses over an open-ended and closed-ended questionnaire distributed in various locations was the most appropriate method to reflect the true nature of my hypothesis. The responses were treated with complete confidentiality which enabled my respondents be more free with their answers. The IRB was also of great help by providing me with research that had been carried out in previous years over the same topic.
I carried out my literature review on various reports provided to me by the IRB. In addition, after reading five scholarly articles and other research papers
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