Technology And You Online Cyber Bullying

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Technology and You
Web tormenting online is a major issue in the USA in need of attention. Individuals of all ages are harassed on social media sites without their actions. Throughout the years, the issue has developed in elementary, middle, and high schools in America. School authorities in many states have met up in trying to stop cyber bullying in schools. Amanda Todd posted an unnerving video on YouTube. Todd’s told her story, she being abused, bullied, harassed, and stalked in her neighborhood despite moving multiple times. Amanda narrated her silent story by explaining with flashcards, how she was hurt from cyber bullying and bullying. Todd took drugs and alcohol to forget her pain and humiliation, and she was feeling inside. She wanted be heard, understood and helped from the situation, but instead she killed herself. Anti-cyber bullying begins in our schools and is the responsibility of the teachers to teach our youth netiquette to prevent future cyber bullying.
One problem with the Internet is young people are losing their social skills. Staples’ was from New York Times stated the quote explained, ‘But a growing body of research is showing that heavy use of the net can actually isolate the younger socially connected people who unwittingly allow time online to replace personally interactions with their families and friends’ (59). The more youthful teenagers and kids are all centered on Facebook, and Twitter, and they don 't come visit or don 't have enough energy to
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