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Technology Article Review HCS/212 2 March 2014 Alphus Bishop Technology Article Review Being new to the health care professions I am not very familiar with most of the technologies used today in our health care system and have also been fortunate enough to not need much care beyond a checkup here and there. However, being very interested in science I know how great the benefits of medical technology advancements can be to our nation and the world. I am choosing to focus on the technology of electronic health records (EHRs) as I feel they will greatly help patients and physicians once the transition from paper records is completed. There are many articles on this topic, but I chose to use one that incorporated a bit of the new…show more content…
However, this more accurate documentation process did lead to high costs for some patients as all of the services were annotated on their record. In the long run this is obviously an advantage for both parties as it will help to diminish duplicate procedures even if over costs are higher (Fontenot, 2013). Once again this ties in with the “perfect society” which we have established does not exactly fit America, patients are going to have to trust that doctors are not going to order extra services for their own person financial benefit (Fontenot, 2013). On the flip side HIT and EHRs also help to identify areas that are over utilizing services and helps to work on ways to diminish if not completely eliminate these issues. I feel the implementation of EHRs and HIT nationwide will have an overall positive impact on our health care system, but it will not be an easy or inexpensive transition. Technology is expensive and especially on such a huge level. With the ACA now taking effect the use of EHRs will be very advantageous to patients who have multiple providers and even those who do not. EHRs will help to eliminate double procedures and misdiagnoses and they will eventually help to cut the costs of health care, but as with any new technology and law these things will take time. I look forward to this transition and
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