Technology As A Catalyst For Beneficial Change And Progress

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1. Career Goals Technology often elicits imagery of lifeless, emotionless, and automated machinery. It is frequently viewed as a vehicle or weapon to oppress individuals and maintain conformity. Classic dystopian novels such as Brave New World depict the depraved and immoral uses of technology at the hands of the ruthless government. Despite this daunting view of technology that numerous individuals hold, I personally viewed technology as a catalyst for beneficial change and progress. When I first immigrated to the United States from the metropolis of Hong Kong, my rudimentary English skills resulted in an inability to communicate. Consequently, I arrived home each day to log on to the computer and sought safety in its tranquil hum, far away from the linguistic struggles and relentless bullying I encountered at school. While my peers viewed technology as a tool for entertainment to distract them from the monotony of daily life, I perceived it as a source of infinite knowledge. I became captivated by the capacity of it to deliver a colossal amount of information instantaneously at my fingertips. Consequently, I developed a profound connection with technology. I realized I wanted to study technology as I witness its monumental progress. Phone calls became replaced by Skype while shopping at retailers was displaced by sites such as Amazon. Consequently, the technology that I once used to indulge in my intellectual interests was revolutionized into one with countless purposes
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