Technology As A Gender Deconstructing

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Peter Kuzmin
Michael Johnstone/ Christine Choi
November 5, 2014
Technology as a Gender-Deconstructing Tool in Postmodern Neuromancer As we continue our march through the technological age, it is easy to see how technologies have affected all parts of our day-to-day lives. In “Sinister Fruitiness,” Stevens writes about how pervasive technologies have changed human existence in developed countries. Written in the mid-90s, before the real surge of internet and digital innovation, Stevens was already commenting on how people had begun to align their circadian rhythms so that their days gave them convenient windows to log-in and check their e-mails (414). Socializing has changed as the imbrication of physical and digital realities continues to intensify. Our body-language skills continue to erode in an age of remote interaction, where people are accustomed to documenting and narrating their lives for “on-line friends, many of whom we’ve never met” (414). In Neuromancer, Gibson portrays a technology-rich cyberpunk world whose synthesis of computer-science and biology seems predictive of our current social direction. In Gibson’s world, technological progress has had a significant effect on gender norms, as genderless cyber-space and cyborg body transformations muddle the basic biological distinctions between man and woman. As part of a postmodern commentary, Gibson uses technology as a gender-deconstructing tool, highlighting present-day patriarchal gender
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