Technology As A Global Phenomenon

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As the world continues to advance, technology has become essential in most countries. In the past, using technology was not common among people like in today’s life. People are using technology these days in each domain of their lives, including entertainment, work, and education. The use of technology in education has become a global phenomenon. It plays a vital role in improving the educational skills and knowledge of the people. Over the past two decades in Saudi Arabia, there have been many changes in education due to the use of technology with positive effects for students, teachers, and society. There are many benefits for students of using technology in education. It helps students to have online courses, which has obviously become one of the most popular higher education choices. First, with technology, learners will be able to find different programs and courses online. Several universities in Saudi Arabia today provide various options for students. Therefore, no matter what students hope to study because they can get any academic degree online. Online lectures are available also to the learners who are incapable of attending traditional educational because of health implications or other difficulties. These online courses might be more affordable options than traditional classes. They are less expensive, so they allowed many students to achieve their degrees. Online classes give students the opportunity of working while they study. For instance, if a student wants
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