Technology As A Tool For Teaching Students

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As times change, so does usage of technology. More and more schools across the world are using technology as a tool in teaching their students. While there are several districts that teach in the “traditional” sense, there has been a steady incline as to the amount of school districts across the world that are switching to iPads and other electronic devices to aide in the pupil’s education. Depending on the administrators, students are allowed to bring their devices to the classroom (BYOD, Bring Your Own Device), while other districts receive grants and other types of funding to purchase a technology device for each student.
The primary concern to many districts is the cost factor. First and foremost, the school district has to purchase
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The main question posed with these technological advances in education is, is it really benefiting the children enough to budget that much money to purchase all of these electronic devices? According to a study done in Scotland, by using the traditional “holistic” way of teaching, there is a gap in gender according to Department for Education and Skills, there has been a steady 10% difference in male and females. Instead of both sexes being equal, males have had the shorter end of the stick. (Department for Education and Skills, 2003)
When the schools were able to integrate the Apple iPads, researchers and observers noticed that the male’s scores were able to increase to the average girl’s score. A huge concern was the fact that male’s were slowly but surely falling behind in their academics. Although this does not prove that the money spent on this expedition has been worth their while, it does improve many student’s participation and interest in the academic department. (McPhee & Marks, 2013)
One crucial and possible setback, if not closely monitored and taken into consideration is the fact that some teachers do not want the Apple iPads integrated into their teaching techniques. A good portion of teachers are from the “traditional” type of teaching and ready to retire after so many years of using the same routine. They might ask, “I’m about to leave so why should I even bother learning something this new and
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