Technology As A Tool For Technology

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Technology in the Classroom Many classrooms across the country are immersed with technology. Technology is used in a plethora of ways in today’s classrooms. The widespread use of technology in classroom instruction dates back to universities trickling down to pre-schools. When technology exists daily in the classroom; strategies are endless when dealing with classroom management. According to Khatib, (2014) “the use of the Internet as a tool for technology-enhanced instruction has educators rethinking the way of instruction is administered to students”. When students are learning via Internet as in distant learning this can eliminate any classroom management problems that may exist in a traditional classroom setting. Since, distance learning provides for educational opportunities outside of an actual classroom; teachers are not faced with problem behaviors, daily routine/procedures; and the challenge to build relationships with students. Distant learning also allows for the opportunity to provide exams through the use of technology; exams are electronically scored to cut down on paperwork. For example, in a traditional classroom setting teachers are usually faced many distractions from students and at times administrators. These distractions can lead to future classroom management issues; if an effective management plan is not in place. However; those type of concerns are not relevant in a distant learning classroom. Distant learning is focused more on
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