Technology As A Way Of Life And Express

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The new generation of students entering and already enrolled in university are members of a digital age- growing up surrounded by many forms of digital technology as they are the first generation of youth to have internet technology easily available at their disposal. This current generation have already been labelled by sociologist as “‘digital natives’ (Prensky 2001a) and the ‘net generation’ (Tapscott 1998)” (Prensky 2001a; Tapscott 1998 as cited in Murphy 2010). Technology is not something new to these students as its presence in their life have made them quite comfortable to the idea, as they perceive “technology as a way of life and express a need to feel connected at all times” (Russo et al. 2014). Although what is new are the…show more content…
As university professors are being presented with new types of students, there is a call to integrate advanced technology into their course design, and ultimately, educators must lead the way and use the technology in a fashion that positively aids their students: “technology should be used with the needs of the learners in mind and with the goal of improving student learning as the focus” (Russo et al. 2014). If this idea is implemented and acknowledged correctly, then many advantages can arise that enhance student learning in university classrooms. The first benefit of instructors introducing advanced technology into their teaching is that technology connects with students, which ultimately arouses their interest because technology as a whole is a relevant and important part of student’s lives. When students are interested and engaged in the class material they become motivated to pay attention and focus on what they are being taught, which leads to an improved retention rate of information. This relates to the DVD that West, Pudsey and Dunk-West created for teacher to give to their students to work within their learning, and they found that it “easily assimilates into their everyday life world” (2010). Another advantage is that the use of technology supports collaboration skills within students. Erin Murphy (2010) conducted an experiment centering around educators use of Audience Response Systems, commonly
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