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The three leadership practices that are my strengths are exhibition of expert power, consultative type II leadership, and participative leadership.

Expert power is based on demonstrable skills, aptitudes and experience. Credibility via actions, reputation, and credentials is of paramount importance to the cultivation and cache of expert power. Over the last decade I have become an expert in functional genomics approaches to facilitate discovery and have been recruited and tasked with developing a high throughput functional genomics screening platform for the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington. Serendipitously I had the opportunity to be involved with a team who was at the forefront of
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Consultative type I leadership under the Vroom-Yetton-Jago Normative Decision Model is something I rely on regularly. Using this model I tend to meet with individuals privately to discuss solutions and tools which can resolve problems. Due to the complexity and client based nature of my work I am often the de facto leader in many project driven endeavors. To facilitate success I must often meet with team members from client organizations separately to determine to most appropriate course of action. The work is consulting in nature and a clear picture of the problem, the goals, and what is required to facilitate success is often achieved best when different parties can voice opinion without fear of blowback from their own team members or supervisors. Using this method I have been able to meet project goals and assure a high probability of success once feasibility and tractability are ensured. Consulting as an occupation has as its paramount feature listening ability. By listening to all of the aspects and challenges of a project without interruption I can then plan a path forward that is in project scope which will influence ownership and progress by team members. [3]
Participative Leadership, also known as participative management involves workplace power sharing across hierarchies to enable and achieve solutions and goal deliverables. In my current capacity I need to rely on this style of leadership
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