Technology Based Business Management Tool Essay

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Introduction: To solve for the issues that Maluuba suffers and any potential bureaucratic dysfunctions caused by these issues, a management tool is needed. By using the tool properly, it can dramatically limits or solves the problems that Maluuba has, and one such software will recommended is called Rally. Rally is a web based business management tool, it is a tool that is built to manage different teams/projects inside a company. The idea of Rally is that it allows different teams to collaborate/communicate with each other and therefore improve the productivity. Rally is initially built as an Agile (define in footnote) Project Management tool, however, as it expands its breadth of features, it has no doubt can be used to manage a project with project lifecycle other than Agile. Rally offers some very useful features to help the business management more efficient and easier. Some of the features are very helpful when dealing with the issues that Maluuba has. These features are divided into five categories, the basic functions, advanced functions, integrations, easiness and privacy. The basic functions are first of all, it is able to document a specific task so that it could be referenced in the future by either the creator or authorized people. Secondly, it is able to share a task among all participants/colleagues. Lastly, it is able to track the deadline of a specific task, so that all participants involved in the task know when to finish the task. There are two
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