Technology Based Learning, Assessment, And Teaching

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Technology is at the core of virtually every aspect of our daily lives and work. While it provides engaging and powerful learning experiences, technology also provides access to content, resources and assessments that measure student achievement in a more complete and meaningful ways.
Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the use of technology and improvements in student achievement. Research demonstrates extraordinary success with trying to reengage students who have been struggling with learning. It shows that 98% percent of the learners improve in their learning when exposed to technology-based content.
Technology-based learning is pivotal in improving student learning and the collection of data
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The power of technology provides different approaches to learning and enables lifelong learning in students. Many students have access to internet information and other resources on a daily basis. This enables them to share information and ideas with people from all over the world. It promotes collaboration and allows students to learn new things.
The challenge is for our education system to leverage modern technology to create meaningful connections between students’ lives to real world problems. The world we live is highly technological that young American students will have more jobs and opportunities in their lifetime than their parents. “Learning can no longer be confined to the years we spend in school or the hours we spend in the classroom: It must be lifelong, life-wide, and available on demand” (Bransford et al. 2006).
Technology must be incorporated into learning to prepare students to learn throughout their lives and in settings far beyond classrooms. The way students learn and how teachers teach must be changed to meet all students’ needs. According to Bransford, there must be 21st. Century technology integrated into learning in meaningful ways to keep students engaged, motivated and inspired to achieve their highest potential. Technology makes it possible for instructors to design effective lessons; therefore attracting students’
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