Technology Based On The Classroom

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Due to being highly accessible, web-based technology has transformed how we teach and learn. Technology is now incorporated in most curriculums and plays a vital role in learning. According to IGI Global (2016), they define technology-based learning as “learning which is based on technology. This technology could be electronic, digital or physical. It is introduced to make the student work on the learning topic individually or collaboratively to discover the phenomenon associated with the learning topic” (IGI Global, (2016). In case 4, I will explain one method that may be used to create and develop technology-based activities, I will identify challenges and obstacles to implementation of technology-based activities, and propose strategies for overcoming barriers related to the implementation of technology-based learning activities. One method that may be used to create and develop technology-based activities: One method that can be used to create and develop technology-based activities in the classroom is to create a class blog or website (Teach Hub). This can allow the teacher to post tips, tricks, lessons and other handy information for students from time to time. Students can periodically check this blog and become familiar with using this form of technology. They would be able to develop confidence when accessing information online and using the Internet as a learning tool. Moreover, such a blog/ wiki can help the teacher create online discussions where students can
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