Technology CAn Stop Global Warming Essay

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The global thermometer is drastically changing year by year which could overall have a devastating impact on humanity. In the film Six Degrees Could Change the World it is stated that if the temperature continues to increases by one degree Celsius, it will have a great effect on both the world and the people living in it. If it were to drastically increase by six degree, there could be catastrophic results. Global warming has been a controversial issue over the last few decades in which many individuals explore the outcome of the nation if it continues. The use of constant energy by mankind may ultimately be the ruin in which will continue increasing the temperature of the globe. However, there are both existing and new emerging …show more content…
Hybrid cars are now becoming popular throughout the United States, starting in 1999 when Honda introduced the first Hybrid car. In the National Journal article titled No Silver Bullet, Kriz (2006) describes the usefulness of these vehicles as, “more-energy-efficient cars which regulate carbon dioxide emissions.” When fewer cars pollute the environment, there is one less problem to face involving global warming. According to Kriz’s article, there is more research being done in order to improve all cars and lead to all transportation technologies to depend on battery power. With less use of fuel, the atmosphere has a chance to survive, which ultimately gives longevity to mankind. Many would argue that since mankind was the ones to put our atmosphere into this potentially dangerous condition, we should be the ones responsible for getting ourselves out of it. Although it has taken several thousand years for the world to reach the state it is in now, it will take less time to destroy it and watch it ruin due to global warming. One efficient way to help with the issue of global warming is to use renewable energy. The amount of energy that an American uses in an average day adds to the amount of greenhouse gasses being dispersed into the atmosphere. In the article Background: New Technology written by Marcia Clemmitt (2006) she speak outs about the concern of citizens and what the people are stepping in to do, “worries about energy availability
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