Technology Can Improve Grades, Student Engagement And Increased Creativity

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As technology continues to evolve educators, continue to find ways to incorporate new technology in to classrooms. This drive to innovate is a great thing as it has been shown repeatedly that technology can improve grades, student engagement and increased creativity. However, in all their excitement to push new ideas and devices into schools many over look the basic problems these devices introduce when thrown into the classroom. Regardless of how well a school prepares there will always be two problems present when technology is introduced into the classroom, distraction and cheating. This essay attempts to explain why these problems are counterproductive to the learning process and offer solutions proposed by researchers in the field. One major problem with mobile technology in classrooms is the distraction they create. Just as these devices allow students access to a mind-blowing amount of information, they allow for an equal amount of distractions to get in the way of their education. Sit in the back of any class and one will see students browsing social media sites, checking up on their fantasy leagues, shopping, reading random blogs, and watching videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix instead of taking notes or working on whatever assignment the instructor assigned. Increasingly in educational settings where students are given free access to their devices this behavior is the norm, particularly in universities (Lam & Tong, 2012). As a result, students who use their…
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