Technology: Can We Live Without It??

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“You’ve got mail!“ Or nowadays people have the latest hit song as their messaging tone. Technology has come a long way over the past twenty years. The Internet and technology have advanced tremendously and with cell phones turning into “smartphones.” It seems people today just have it made with the world at their fingertips. The question arises: are people really using technology and the new advances that come along almost everyday the right way? Also, what kind of impact does technology had on human nature? Is it for the better or can it lead to crippling social isolation? Technology does not help human character. It separates people from nature and from themselves. Technology seems to take away people’s emotions. "As human beings we …show more content…
Communication does feel easier this way but it has made life more impersonal. It is as if people are too lazy or afraid of one on one or face to face conversations anymore. E-mailing one another or texting seems a lot more convenient than waiting for a phone call or letter in the mail. It seems nearly everything today is able to be accessed by cell phones or computers and people do not even have to get out of bed to go shopping, rent a movie or buy groceries. This all seems great knowing that all the answers are just a click away, but the Internet does have a side effect, it is making people extremely lazy (Bradley). Technology is an excellent way of advertising. It does seem people are posting advertisement for events, new businesses and other information and this helps “spread the word” so to speak. A facebook group was created for Betty White to host Saturday Night Live. A couple months later, she is booked on the show. Artists such as Justin Beiber and Fitz and the Tantrums were made famous by sites such as YouTube and Twitter when other famous artists “discovered” them and put them out to the world, so to speak. But maybe “spreading the word” and exposing people to new things has become too personal? Why must people post nearly every detail of their life on sites like facebook or Twitter? People appear to be more intrigued in “creeping” on other’s status and whereabouts, staring at a computer screen for hours and updating their own status rather
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