Technology Changed Technology

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Technology has changed greatly in the last 100 years. To help me understand how technology has changed, I interviewed my grandmother about the changes in her lifetime. Throughout her life, she has witnessed many technological changes around the world. One change that has occurred in her lifetime is the color TV. When she was born, color TVs existed, however, none of the channels broadcasted in color. It was until she was in her 20s when stations began to transition into color television. She also told me that when she was younger, they would find out the news through newspapers a day or two after the event occurred. However, today we can hit a button on our phones and we’ll receive notifications moments after an event has occurred. Lastly, she told me about the first cell phones. She said that the first cell phones were called “Brick Phones” because they were the size of brick. However, cell phones today are much smaller, and can fit into your pocket. After talking to her about some changes in her life, I asked her how she felt about changes in technology. She said, “I’m all for progress in technology. However, sometimes it can be very scary because it feels like it’s of of your control. For example with computers, they can have security safeguards, but hackers keep getting smarter and can access our computer easily. I do though like the progress with regards to safer cars, better appliances, and especially better medical technology for our health care.” Based
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