Technology : Child 's Dream Or Nightmare?

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Technology: Child’s Dream or Nightmare Technology has changed society over the past two decades more than it had in the past century. Technology has fast-forwarded previous traditions of families whom once ate home-cooked meals at the dining room table, spent the majority of each other’s time together talking, teaching, understanding, and learning from one another. Technology now has placed everyone into hyper speed, it has created a way for less human interaction from ordering food in the drive-thru to the creation of social media and texting. Technology has created a way of communicating without the ability of seeing and understanding a person’s emotions. The technology epidemic is creating negative energy towards children in today’s society; it is changing children’s emotions, influencing obesity, effecting cognitive ability, producing unsafe situations, and disconnecting parental relationship. Emotions generated by Children are broad and are effected by the types of technology they are exposed to. These emotions can consist of motor skills, thinking ability, and interactions with other children. Video games can help fine motor skills, but if they are used to much they can affect the development of playing physical sports outdoors, running, kicking or throwing a ball, catching a pass, or making a play. A child’s thinking ability of what to do next on the field or in the classroom. “Technology discourages children from thinking and deliberation and promotes acting on
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