Technology Controls Humanity

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Technology Controls Humanity

In today’s society, anything is possible with the click of a button or the flick of a switch. These concepts are the result of a little something called technology. Technology is the use of electronically enhanced gadgets to “simplify” life. Humanity and technology have a relationship of depending on one another, but technology is the dominant partner in the bond. Through out the years, technology has been controlling the means of communication, the intelligence of humans and the health of society. Whether it is the method humans use to speak to one another, the way in which humans think for themselves or the side effects given to the human body; technology is very powerful and is capable of taking over the
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In the olden days, people would pick up a book, and read the whole thing whether they had to or wanted to. Today, it is at the click of a button that a summary is found online of almost any story, allowing students to never read books. Soon, there will no longer be a need for the existence of libraries. Books force the mind to focus and become smarter, while the internet simply hands out answers without having to work hard for them. Furthermore, already written essays are easily found online. People who attend school, are no longer required to think of what to say in their compositions; they may merely print a copy of a well written essay and receive the credit. There is also the creation of video games that is destroying the brains of young children and adolescents. Most video games require no thinking at all. There are the few such as “Brain Academy” that supposedly “train the brain” (, 2010), but even those teach the minimum amount of knowledge. Nevertheless, the games are very addictive and cause people to become lazy to do their other responsibilities, such as homework. With all this technology constantly being a huge disturbance, it is amazing that people are as intelligent as they are now. If technology continues to dominate the way people do research and have fun, soon people will not be able to think for themselves. Technology will possess humans’ minds and will impose
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