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Man has become very dependant on technology. Without it everyday living would be difficult. Life would be peaceful if we didn’t have machines running people’s lives. Dependence on technology is detrimental to humanity, and will eventually lead to many dilemmas in the future. In this generation, mankind has become extremely reliant on technology. There isn’t a day that goes by that people don’t talk on their cell phones, drive a car, or utilize some type of machine. Technology has completely overtaken people’s lives and they don’t even realize it. Everyday use of automobiles, television, and cellular devices, has left humans with unhealthy bodies, and has put them at risk for serious health issues. This is all due to scarce…show more content…
In order to stop humanity’s deteriorating state of health people should start taking control of their own lives and rely less on machines. Technology is harmful to mankind’s natural way of life. From the nuclear bomb to genetic engineering, the face of our whole planet has been altered because of these effects. Throughout our history humans have abused technology. Every time there is a scientific breakthrough, scientists handle the new discovery like a child handle’s a new toy on Christmas morning. They get overly excited and don’t think of the consequences like what would happen if that toy broke, and in the case of science what would happen a nuclear bomb went off or genetic engineering was used to perfect the human body. Throughout mankind’s history they have misused technology like the nuclear bomb. It’s side effects on the environment are deadly for instance when, “100 nuclear bombs were dropped on cities and industrial areas—only 0.4 percent of the world’s more than 25,000 warheads—would produce enough smoke to cripple global agriculture” and then more horrible effects of the bombs occurred, “the smoke from vast fires started by bombs dropped on cities and industrial areas would envelop the planer and absorb so much sunlight that the earth’s surface would get cold, dark and dry, killing plants worldwide and eliminating our food supply.” The maltreatment of these weapons diminished
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