Technology, Culture, And Culture

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One by one as the pieces come together they are placed intentionally, the intent is to primarily rid ourselves of problems of time, energy and space along with whatever we may have deemed a hindrance or ailment. In the implementation of every new technology it embodies many factors such as cultural, political, economic and scientific parallels. In the insert written by Arnold Pacey titled Technology; Practice and Culture, Arnold Pacey conveys the significance of attending to the cultural and organization facets of technology in its design and application, but most importantly that technology is a valued neutral implementation that is embedded with inadvertent cultural values from conception to delivery. First starting with the questions of just how neutral technology can be Arnold Pacey starts with conveying the conceptual value that brought about snowmobiles, a technology originally developed due to a specific culture. Although the snowmobile was intentionally design to assist with traversing across snow it progressively made its way into a vast many societies introducing redefined devices for recreation and a means for a livelihood, reasons which may have never been intended. As snowmobiles became introduced globally progressively the shared technology had become used for alternative reasons which deprived this technology from having one specific value. If this application solely served its intended facet then it would have solely embodied a specific value, time. The
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