Technology Disadvantages

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Today, technology has made tremendous progress over the years, making incredible feats in history. From emerging as a computer to being in our pockets, millions of people enjoy the power of the internet at their disposal. The Web is now effortlessly accessible on our phones or laptops, we can just pull it out of our pockets and search the internet for anything we desire. Yet with power like this, it also comes with consequences. This has been a controversial topic, many believe that the internet is untrustworthy while the other half disagrees. There is no right or wrong side in the matter; however, that doesn’t signify that people are choosing sides. From my experiences with technology, technology shouldn’t be so heavily relied upon anymore in everyday life. Countless people will consider today’s technology to be a gift, the power to search and do anything on the internet within seconds, making life easier for many. However, that isn’t always the case for others. Millions of people use the information superhighway at their own disposal. With a tap of your finger, an infinite amount of data on multiple websites at your disposal. This kind of ability is reliable for multiple people who use the internet as a source of information. When you don’t know the definition of a word you type the word and you automatically acquire its meaning. Nevertheless, with power like this, of course, comes with downsides. Numerous of men and women have become too trusting of websites. People became dependent on the internet to give them the correct answer and, consequently, ended up getting false information instead. For example, Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that allows anyone to edit an article. In the past, I’ve known numerous people who used Wikipedia as their main source of information. They have used Wikipedia in a few of their essays. Websites such as Wikipedia are constantly altering its information that people cannot tell if it’s legitimately true or not. People became too dependent on these websites that give us false information. The internet cannot be trusted for information all the time and people must learn the differences between true and false information if they plan to use the internet as a source of

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