Technology Disadvantages

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Negative Impact of Technology Taking Over the World About 20 years ago an average way to spend an evening was much different that it is today. During that time it was common for families to come home and eat dinner together at the dinner table and to talk about how the day went. In today’s world it’s much different. Instead of talking to their parents, kids are always on their phone. This is just an example of a bad effect technology has on or society. Another example would also have to do with today’s children compared to children from 20 years ago. Kids from this year spend the majority of their time on their smartphones or tablets. 20 years ago kids would be playing outside, playing cards, or even just hanging out with friend. Some say their are many advantages of technology taking over the world but their are also many disadvantages ( Rowan, 1). Technology taking over is not a good thing because it changes students working habits, affects businesses, and changes the way our society functions. Technology affects students in the classroom extremely. The main disadvantage of technology in the classroom is the fact that it’s a distraction. In the classroom students are distracted by games, social media, and music (12 Advantages 2). These distractions even followed the students home. Social media at home brings me to Cyberbullying. Students who are bullied at school can’t even get a break at home because they usually have social media. They log on to their social media accounts and there it is waiting for them, mean comments that are the same from earlier in the day but worse. When it’s not face to face, mean comments tend to get even more harsh. This is because they have the screen to hide behind (List 3). Even as I wrote this paper there were many times I just picked up my phone out of habit to get on social media. Many students don’t have the right technology at home to be able to use any technology. During my Jr. High school years we are given y Jr. High years, we were given an Ipad with its own internet connection. High school came around and they took the Wi-Fi off of the Ipads. This sucked because at the time I didn’t have internet at home. We had it installed so it would be easier for my sister and

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