Essay on Technology Division and Amalgamated Diversified Products

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Technology Division and Amalgamated Diversified Products

Amalgamated Diversified Products has created a new Technology Division to further diversify their products. President, Kevin Fox has commissioned Data World to determine if a Web site should be created for this division of Amalgamated. Many computer-sellers already have advanced web sites that have put them much farther ahead in the market. Research was conducted by collecting data on twenty various Web sites. Data was collected using an objective analysis form, which surveys every aspect of each Web site. Several features were determined to be helpful to customers. Some of these features attract customers and help them purchase products directly from the site. The
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Web sites allow companies to sell their products and services to consumers around the world, rather than limiting them to driving distance from a store.
Statements of the Problem This study was conducted to determine whether Amalgamated Diversified Products should create a Web site for its Technology Division, and if it is determined that a Web site should be created, what this site will include.
Purposes of the Study The purposes of the study were as follows:
1. To determine the advantages and disadvantages of posting a web site for the Technology Division.
2. To consider the competition against other computer-sellers on the Internet.
3. To determine if the Technology Division would benefit from creating a Web site.
4. To find features in competitive Web sites which are attractive to consumers.
5. Establish which features would be the most useful to the Technology Division.
Scope of the Research This study includes the analysis of 20 computer-seller’s Web sites on the Internet. This wide range of Web sites was explored thoroughly to obtain useful information for this report. A listing of these sites follows this report and can be referred to in Appendix A: Web Site List. The home page of each site can also be viewed in Appendix B: Web Site Home Pages.
Research was conducted by determining the Web addresses of a few well-known companies and by searching the Internet using
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