Technology Effects On Society : Technology Essay

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Technologies Effects on Society We are all guilty of constantly looking down at our phones looking to fill the void of an awkward silence or just to make the time go by faster. We become oblivious to the notifications. We find ourselves scrolling through an endless list of emails, reminders, and checking the likes we get on our latest Instagram post. We become wrapped up and lose track of valuable time because we are so engrossed in things that should be of little importance to us. It is no secret that technology has become a vital role in everyday lives, with social media dominating every aspect. Technology has become ubiquitous, and many people have become heavily dependent without realizing. Even though social media wasn’t made to intentionally take over our lives, it has become so deeply integrated many are blinded by the effects technology has already made. Technology- through social media- has shaped how companies are marketing to the consumer market, how relationships survive and thrive by social norms in the modern era, and how people function in their daily lives. For the most part, technology is supposed to make our lives easier on us. However, easier doesn’t mean better. Many couples are starting to blur the lines between their work and home life, causing an unhealthy imbalance between the two. Their relationships are becoming strained by the “insurmountable mountain of miscommunication” and developing into what Imber-Black likes to call “the new love triangle”

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