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What has Technology Become?
By: April Wright
November 30, 2015
Soc/100 – Jennifer Hudgins

Technology is the scientific term for engineering, making something better, problem solving, a machine, etc. Technology is constantly changing to meet every individual’s personal needs. Social change refers to change in society over time. It could mean behavioral changes, changes in beliefs, or values as time goes on. I believe technology and social change go hand in hand. With the way technology has advanced since the beginning of the 20th century, social change along with it. The older generation now own a cell phone, and had never heard of a mobile phone in their younger years. With access to the internet, every question you could ever
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Televisions sets only come in flat screens. There are more cures and treatments for sickness giving longer life expectancies. With the evolutionary view, society is advancing more than ever creating a more complex society. The functionalist perspective focuses on what maintains the stability in a society, not what actually changes it. For instance, with the advancements in technology, there is a law system in place to maintain stability, and a government to create new laws as seen fit. As for the conflict perspective, this view would focus more on the actual changes of society. Now that there are these laws in place, conflicted sociologists would study how these laws are taken advantage of by society. Now that there is more freedom for every race, there are still people in society that see it differently, creating inequalities. As for the digital divide and cultural lag in society, there are still many people that have not caught up with technology advances. There are many people that live in poverty that cannot get access to computers, and computers are basically an essential these days with everything being online. Some of the older generation still mail off their bill payments, have their newspaper delivered to their homes, and have no idea about Facebook or apps.
Looking into an emerging form of technology, I decided to explore the electric car. Electric cars are on the rise in today’s society. Although they cost more than a gas powered automobile, they
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