Technology Essay : How Technology Has Shaped Me

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How Technology Has Shaped Me I have lived in the unites states all 6200 days of my life. I have moved once, been to 5 different schools in two districts, and traveled out of state numerous times. I have learned a lot in my time as an American, and the various aspects of my life have shaped me into who I am today. One such aspect is modern day technology. Technology is such an integral part of our society, that governments could collapse if it were to disappear, and with it, our way of life. Personally, I could not live without technology. I use it for almost everything I do. Some examples of technology in my life are cars, desktops, and of course, my phone. I use my phone a lot, some might use words like “religiously” or “addictively”. These people are not wrong, but there are reasons. My phone keeps notes, sets reminders, and lets people tell me that I am late for something. I use it for Boy Scouts, marching band, school, and recreational use. It has helped shape me, admittedly, into a bit of a procrastinator, however, it has also helped to keep me punctual and efficient. On the flip side, my phone can make me a bit anti-social. It lets me ignore conversations I should pay attention to, snooze alarms I should wake up to, and cheat on things I should. The car I drive also shaped me a notable amount. The first car I drove was a “land ship”, or, in other words, a very large truck which I drove down to Louisiana on a road trip. As one might expect of a new driver on a cross
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