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Technology has been in our world for thirty plus years and it’s increasing its abilities every day. Our world has become better because of technology. We have found out more about our world and people have been learning new things every day. What a great thing to have in our world, our world has made some big progress because of technology. We have a lot that we have found out in our world. However, are we to sucked in to technology? We have a great thing but are we spending too much time on it? We are too dependent on technology because we spend too much time on it, there is other ways of doing something then just on technology, and we get sucked in. Sometimes it feels like we use technology more than we eat. Online editor Carson…show more content…
We can control how much we use technology. Carson Pyatt also said.” I do, however, strongly feel that today’s youth is become more excited by a lit-up screen than somebody’s lit up smile “. One on one relationships are important. You can’t share your true emotion through a text message. It’s important to not use your phone to tell somebody how you feel but actually tell them in person. We want to try not to get sucked in into the lit-up screen. Technology has expanded a lot in our world. Carson Pyatt said, “There’s no question that technology has improved but also it has had a positive impact on communication as a whole in many ways “. Technology has been great for communication but it’s also great to talk to someone face-to-face. We should try to be more face-to-face with people when we talk to them so that way we aren’t on technology that often and we are enjoying being with them. We need to be careful how long we are on technology. Its important we aren’t glued to technology. Being on technology is not bad but we should try not to be sucked in. we need to have a good relationship with our surroundings. Cason Pyatt gives us some advice on not being sucked in into technology,”. So here is my advice to you, put your phone down when at that point in the time it is not a necessity and go outside and get some fresh air because the importance of enjoying yourself without technology

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